Social Security:
Congressman Obey voted against an amendment to prohibit Social Security funds from being used to administer benefits accrued from work performed in Mexico.    

Social security funds are not like soup where you can add a little water to make it stretch further. While Congressman Obey claims to be a friend of the elderly, he is in fact willing to pick their pockets of millions of hard earned dollars so he can give it to those who did not earn it. I believe that we must honor our commitment to the elderly and protect their future.


Some want to change the retirement age to 70 for those who are 55 or younger.  They say there is not enough money to continue paying benefits.  Yet these same career politicians had no problem giving away trillions in bail outs, stimulus packages, and earmarks, to lobbyists and special interest groups.

Our Government required us to pay in so that our elderly, our disabled and our vets would be taken care of and they need to honor that commitment.  I say let's quit funding lobbyists, illegal's, the UN, Government waste and sending money to countries that don't even like us before we look at reneging on our contract with the very Americans who built and defended this great nation.