"The taxpayer - that's someone who works for the federal government but doesn't have to take a civil service exam." - Ronald Reagan.


We Must:

I believe strongly in a "Fair Tax" that shows no prejudice, is not excessive, is easily collected with minimal expense, is not restrictive to future economic growth, and is capable of supplying  the funds necessary to perform those responsibilities of the federal government as stated in our Constitution.

I believe in a "Fair Tax" that is limited by the Constitution in such a way so as to prevent our elected officials from abusing the tax system to cater to special interest groups.

I believe in a "Fair Tax" system that promotes a strong economy verses our present tax system which is stifling economic growth. (By creating a "Fair Tax" that is tied to the economy, it will then encourage our elected leaders to promote and work with our economy, if they want to increase revenue.)

I believe that a "Fair Tax" should be a consumption based tax.   We should only pay taxes when we purchase new goods and services.  This insures that we only pay taxes when we can afford to pay those taxes. 

I believe in a "Fair Tax" that does not put undue stress on the poor and needy.

I believe in a "Fair Tax" that also taxes those who break the law such as drug dealers, embezzlers, the Mafia, etc.

I support the "Fair Tax"

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