Our trucking industry 


crucial to our nation's  

Prosperity, Liberty and Security.


 Government has burdened down our truckers.

I am opposed to road taxes, fuel taxes and other fees laid on the shoulders of the trucking industry.

As Americans 

we all benefit from the service they provide 


we should all equally share in the cost of maintaining our highway infrastructure.

Those who live in our larger cities and do not drive still depend on our roads and highways to bring goods and services to their doors.  Thus the cost should be distributed evenly.


This is why I am a strong supporter of the

Fair Tax!

I  am strongly opposed to allowing Mexican truckers to bring their rigs across the boarder and transport goods in the United States.   We have forced our own Truckers to abide by many rules and regulations regarding their business.  To allow foreign truckers to enter the country when their equipment and their credentials lack the same scrutiny that our own truckers are forced to abide by is WRONG!