The strength and wealth of our nation depend on our children receiving the best possible education they can get. This is a commitment that government cannot afford to ignore. We must keep in mind, however, that the child no matter how valuable to the nation does not belong to the nation but to the parent. We cannot act without their opinions, consent, and support. I come from a long line of schoolteachers, and I know how important they are to this nation. We, however, chose to home school our children and have no regrets. They are grown and raising children of their own and should be able to make their own choices regarding their children’s education. I am open to allowing the parents to have choices in where and how to educate their young. I am also open to public schools and the community in which they exist to have a larger role in how their children shall be taught and what methods will be used. I believe that the federal government should leave more of the decision making process up to the communities where the students live. Funding, however, should be balanced throughout the country so that all students have the same opportunities. After all, no one knows where, within our nation, that child will work when they reach adulthood.