Poor and needy:  
We must provide for our own poor and needy. It appalls me to see how our government under the guise of helping the poor is in fact using the poor and needy to fill their own pockets. Our poor and needy are becoming slaves to a system that thrives off of their hardship. Little effort is made to help them out of their poverty. We must find ways to allow more of the funds that are allocated for our poor and needy to actually get into their hands. Our government has learned well from con artists who claim to be concerned about the needy, when in fact, they make their living off the donations that were intended for the poor and needy. We must streamline the system to reduce the cost of carrying out this good work. We also need to make sure that we do not enable people to stay poor and needy. Those who abuse our generosity should be punished and removed from the system. We should constantly be looking for ways to do our job better.