It is the responsibility of elected leaders to protect the lives and liberty of every American citizen irrespective of their age or health condition. I firmly believe that the healthcare industry is in trouble. The cost of healthcare is skyrocketing. The solutions, however, are not easily within our grasp.  Who chooses to write the check is not the answer, as we full well know that all the money ends up coming out of our citizenís pockets either way.  I do have a number of concerns regarding how we deal with healthcare.

We must protect the patientís right to be in control and make their own decision regarding their medical care. No one should have control over your medical choices other than you, especially not the government.   We must protect the medical professionís right to exist and to make wise decisions separate and apart from bureaucratic meddling.  Abusers of the healthcare industry must be stopped even when those abusers are government officials, patients, or the medical profession.  We need to protect all healthcare workers from becoming slaves to corporate control and manipulation. We need to allow more room for alternative medical practices to become available to those who choose to seek them. We need to find ways to reduce the high cost of malpractice insurance.




If we can clean up the abuse and greed in the system,  we will have accomplished much.  

There will always be the uninsured, those whose costs exceed their insurance coverage, the poor, and other unforeseen problems that will put a burden on the profession and the American people. But remember, these same problems exist today under the present system.  We must be careful  that we do not take away the freedoms and rights of the people in an effort to solve this common problem.  We must maintain the rights of individuals to choose their own healthcare.  The poor and needy will be with us always.    No matter what we do,  this cost will always be our responsibility.  In most cases, charity will cover this situation.