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Mielke for Congress
2550 County Road II
Rudolph, WI 54475
PHONE # 715-344-4104
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For Immediate Release

July 14, 2009

Contact: Andrew Zuelke, State Chairman (920) 723-1984

Mark Gabriel, PR Committee Chairman (920) 570-1679

Constitution Party of Wisconsin State Committee Votes to Approve Endorsement of Dan Mielke, to Run for U.S. Congress, 7th District

In a historic move for the Constitution Party of Wisconsin and our state, July 11, 2009 marked the first time in recent history that one political party endorsed a candidate from another party. The Constitution Party looked at both Candidates running on the Republican ticket for the 7th congressional seat against Dave Obey. Mark Gabriel, State Committee 2nd Vice Chair and Public Relations Committee Chairman, said, “Given that Dan is a Constitutionalist at heart, has read and agrees with our platform, and is a man of integrity, we have determined him worthy of our endorsement. This is also in keeping with the Constitution Party of Wisconsin’s motto, ‘principle over politics.’” State Chairman, Andrew Zuelke added, “We need more constitutional champions like Dan Mielke in Washington to preserve our liberty and rights.”

Mielke is from Rudolph, Wisconsin (Portage County), and ran for Congress in 2008 as a Republican, where he earned the most votes yet of any candidate to oppose Dave Obey. Dan is both a member of the Republican Party and the Constitution Party of Wisconsin. He will continue to run in 2010 on the republican ticket.

In seeking the endorsement from the Constitution Party of Wisconsin, Dan Mielke, wrote, “I firmly believe a precedent needs to be set, that principles and values should outweigh what party is on the ballot… The values of the Constitution Party are what I stand for. The platform of the Constitution Party is also what the Republican Party should stand for. We must return to our conservative roots.”

Dan went on to say, “My goal is to win this election and take strong conservative values to Washington… Our nation is in great peril and it is not a time for party politics to interfere with our goal to take back America.” Dan has told the Constitution Party of Wisconsin State Committee, “I am honored by your endorsement and I will promote your platform’s values in my campaign, as they are mine as well. It is time we put country first.”

Paid for by Citizens for an Open and Honest Government Supporting Dan Mielke for Congress, Robin Mielke, Treasurer 715-344-4104